Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ACEO versus ATC

What do those letters stand for?

ACEO = Art Cards, Editions & Originals  - Sold to artists and collectors.

ATC = Artist Trading Cards  - Traded amongst artists.

Artist Trading Cards and Art Cards are one in the same.

They are referred to as Artist Trading Cards when traded and Art Cards when sold.

The major requirement is the size, which is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The same size as other themed trading cards, like baseball cards. 

Artists from all over the world create these little works of art in a variety of mediums and subject matter. Artists will trade them with other artists.

Artists sell them to those who love small art and to those who would love to collect art but cannot really afford to buy the larger pieces the artist is selling. This also allows people to collect a larger variety of art since they are only buying little pieces. The art cards are meant to be sold at lower prices and to reach a wider audience.

They can be framed in little frames. They can be matted and framed singly in an 8x10 inch frame for a very contemporary look. Mat them in groups in a single mat to fill a larger or longer frame.

Collecting Art Cards or Artist Trading Cards is a wonderful way to start or add to your own art collection.

I now sell my original watercolor Art Cards through my own website: 

Start your art collection today if you haven't already!


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