Monday, August 29, 2016

New Backdrop for My Art

I was trying to figure out what I could use for a new backdrop for my watercolor paintings that I put up on Etsy for sale.  I tried looking around the house to see if I had a cool new spot I could use to photograph my art.  A new spot that also had great natural light.

I decided my original spot to photograph my art was the best.  It has great lighting, if I can get to it at the right time of day with the right amount of sunshine.  Works like a charm every time.

I wanted a more creative backdrop than just the wall or just a plain white canvas panel.  As I was searching for little paintings to add to my Studio SALE I found an unfinished background for a painting.  It was blue.  I used that for a few paintings.  But I had a lot of trouble getting the blue in one of the paintings to photograph properly.

A day or two later, I came up with the perfect solution!  I would use the backside of the blue background painting.  It is an awesome 300 lb. half sheet of 100% cotton rag archival watercolor paper.  I decided to paint a new backdrop with neutral colors!  I wanted to keep it pale and simple.  I used Carbon Black and Neutral Tint.  I added a few splatters of clear water and a few splatters of my two colors.  I must admit I am very pleased with my result!

I photographed a few of my Studio SALE paintings and I do think they turned out pretty good.  Pop on over to my Squier Etsy Shop and take a look.  You may find a cute little painting you just have to buy!

Monday, August 22, 2016

8 Years on Etsy

Today marks my 
8th Etsy-versary!

I have now been selling my art and more on Etsy for eight years.  I have sold paintings and shipped them all over the world.  It is wonderful to be able to say I have paintings in collections through the USA, Canada, all over Europe, even South America, Australia, Asia, including Brunei.

Today, I have created a Studio SALE section in my Squier Etsy Shop.  The prices are incredible, if you like a painting snap it up quick!  I am not sure just how long I will keep the prices low.

The Studio SALE section has a quite a few watercolor sketches and fun quick paintings and I plan on adding more and more each day this week.

A big thank you to all those who have purchased my art, my designs and my artisan crafts over the years!  -- Sincerely, - Rita


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