Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Tips & Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Clean Your Palette!
This is a super important tip, especially if you want to create watercolor paintings with bright beautiful colors.

If you are like me and have tube paints squeezed into a palette and allowed to air dry, it is important to clean your palette when you are done painting for the day.

If you have a problem creating muddy paintings, perhaps one of the problems is dirty colors.

Simply take a damp flat brush and swipe it over the top of the color a few times. Rinse your brush and repeat on each color. Wipe up the large mixing tray too with a damp sea sponge or damp paper towel.

There is nothing like starting a new painting with a clean palette of gorgeous colors.

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Kathleen said...

I really enjoy your painting hints - thanks for sharing!


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