Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Flatten a Wavy Watercolor Painting
Ever paint a very wet watercolor painting on 140 lb. paper only to end up with a warped wobbly painting? There is a very simple cure to this problem. Iron the painting! This works well with paintings done on quality 100% cotton rag watercolor paper. That is 100% cotton rag ... cotton ... yes, you can iron cotton. Just iron on the back.

1. Starting with a wavy watercolor painting, place it on the ironing board, or multi-folded smooth cotton material on top of art table. Preheat your iron, NO steam.
2. Flip the painting upside down and iron.
3. Allow painting to cool and you will have a flat painting ready to frame!

Give it a try! If you're nervous about it, test it on a practice painting.


Meekiyu said...

would've never thought of that... wonder if it works on water paper not made of 100% cotton... =o

Karen Koch said...

Oh, for goodness sake! I thought I was the only person to do that! I'm so glad to see you iron paintings, too. It works wonders. :)

Kathleen said...

Yep, I have used dry heat on watercolors before, too! It does help to flatten them. Thanks for another great tip, Rita!

Denverkat276 said...
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Denverkat276 said...

I know that this has been 9 years since this post. I always wondered if I could do this.... Iron a piece that is. Heck my iron has been my best friend over the years. 30 years ago when I was a food service worker in a popular restaurant I made bank but there was a lot of $1 bills. I use to iron them at times because they were so crinkled. Heck why not iron a watercolor piece. I feel comfortable about doing that now!! Thanks.


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