Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Hand Painted Bookmarks

Recently I had to trim down several sheets of watercolor paper to create a variety of smaller paintings. After I was done, I ended up with a bunch of one inch wide strips.

Normally, I save these strips for doing color tests before proceeding on a larger painting. I have used them as practice strips, when I want to test out a certain stroke or shape before attempting it on a painting.

A one to two inch wide strip of scrap watercolor paper makes a perfect sized bookmark. I trimmed the strips to 5 inches long. Then painted a vine of pretty little flowers.

Enjoy a little bit of your own artwork as a bookmark.

Tuck one into a book you plan to give as a gift. Slip it into a birthday or greeting card as a little extra something. People will cherish them and use them.


D.D said...

The book mark is looking beautiful. Thank you for sharing the tips.

Lee said...

Great idea! Makes a lovely bookmark.

Rita said...

& Thank you! :)


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