Monday, December 6, 2010

Twitter Art Exhibit A Success

The Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss Norway

I learned today, the painting I donated to the exhibit has sold.

There is a little sold red dot under my painting. This makes me very happy!

Click here to see my "Dew Drops in Blue" up close.

A few fabulous links:

The Moss Bibliotek Website:


Karen said...

Congratulations on your sale...

Rita said...

Thank you!

SublimeHues said...

Way Cool! Congrats!

Purple Pony Art said...

Congratulations on the sale :-) It's cool to see all the ACEOs on display like that :-)

Rita said...

Thank you!

It is amazing to see art from all over the world in one place. The twitter art exhibit is all postcard sized art. My entry was 4x6 inches.

I'm curious to know who will take mine home.


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