Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Color Pop

Scooter kitty helped me with this week's Tuesday's Tip. He decided the paint palette should not be on the table covering the water container. So he pushed it to the floor. Two colors popped out of the palette. The crashing palette scared him and he ran out of the room. Hopefully, he will not try to drink the water again. Luckily, that batch of water was clean and fresh. Note to sell, do not leave bowls of water on table overnight.

1. Dried color has popped out of the palette.
2. Use a wet brush to clean out the well.
3. Get the bottom of the dried paint chip nice and wet.
4. Press firmly back into place and allow to dry.

No need to worry or waste a good dried chip of watercolor paint!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I found this site. I appreciate all the tips I can get. I'm following you on twitter and on here.

Rita said...

Welcome! And thank you. :)


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