Friday, January 11, 2013

Mahjong Obsession

Mahjong 2013
Fine Art Giclee Prints
by Artist Rita A. Squier

Last summer, I learned to play Mah Jongg at the local library.  I became obsessed with the game!  I love to play Mah Jongg.

I did my research, picked out the perfect new set for myself.  Occasionally, I still love researching vintage sets.  The engravings are amazing.

This brings me to my newest watercolor painting series which I am thinking of calling the entire series of paintings Mahjong Obsession.  Painting one and two in the new series are complete.

My first watercolor painting in the series has been turned into prints!  I received the box of prints last night and finally found time to open the package this afternoon.  The prints are amazing!  I am so happy with them.

Mahjong 2013 is the first print in the series.  If you're interested in purchasing a print, please contact me.  I have them currently available as 5x7 and 9x12 inch prints.

They're printed on Somerset Velvet paper with a one inch border all around.  The 5x7 print is on 7x9 paper and it is perfect for matting and framing with an 8x10 inch frame.  The 9x12 print is on 11x14 paper perfect for matting and framing with a standard 11x14 frame.

Soon they will be available on my website or in my Etsy shop.  If you can't wait, contact me!

Mahjong 2013 - Giclee Fine Art Print 5x7 inch


GrayFlannel said...

Great job Rita! these are really pretty.

Rita said...

Thank you!!


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