Monday, September 30, 2013

One Fall Day
by Artist Rita Squier
Original Watercolor Painting
Size:  8x10  inches

I have been painting more and more through out the month of September. This is one of the paintings I have created. 

I am also testing out what it is like to post on my blog through the little iPod app. I even took the photo using the iPod. It seems as though I don't have access to some of the features the web browser offers. Next step is to post this then see what it looks like on the computer screen.

Update just minutes later:  Through my computer, I have already made two edits.  I made the picture smaller, instead of original sized I clicked it down to medium.  I moved the text below the image.  The app would only allow one line of text next to the image and even using my computer I cannot adjust the text to wrap to the right of the image unless I remove the photo and re-upload it.

I don't like the quality of my photo either.  So for me, the app would be good for posting to my blog without an image to go with the blog post.  

Second Update:  I couldn't stand it.  I deleted the original post and started over with the proper layout I chose for my blog.  It bugged me as a designer that all the text was under the image.  I used the original picture and included the original text too.  So much for trying to add quick little posts using the iPod app which is most likely the same as the iPhone app.  

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