Monday, December 14, 2015

Clean Palette Club

I have been a member of the clean palette club far too long.

Everyday life sometimes gets in the way of creativity.  Many artists have struggled with this problem and it can be caused by many different issues.  Sometimes it is artist's block.  Sometimes it is just finding the time.  I have had a hectic schedule this past year.  House renovation projects have consumed a great deal of my free time.

The cooler weather will soon be upon us or supposedly on its way, it was 61 degrees today in upstate New York!  This will help slow down the outdoor fix it projects and will hopefully allow more time for me to paint watercolor paintings instead of walls, siding and fences.

Okay, I do love to have a clean palette every time I start to paint.  I try to clean my palette when I am done painting for the day.  But now it needs to get dirty!  I have placed my clean palette on my studio table.  It's ready to go!

1 comment:

Frank Burns said...

I use to follow this blog. but you have been gone for so long. I saw this post on pintrest today.
I know what you mean about finding time to art.



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