Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 7 Another Color Study

Floral Color Study
by Artist Rita Squier

Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 5x7 inches

I found a palette in my studio that has 6 colors of watercolor paint squeezed out in little blobs.  Four different shades of blue, one purple and one neutral tint.  It's Sunday, but I wanted to continue my Painting a Day Challenge for the month of February.  Plus I wanted to try to guess the colors of paint.  On the tray, they all look very similar.

Prussian Blue, Primary Blue Cyan, Green Blue, Ultramarine Light, Permanent Violet Bluish and Neutral Tint.


Natasha R Naidu said...

How do you paint the outer petals? Do you lay your brush flat onto the paper, or vertically? Do you use a around brush for flowers? Beautiful work, Rita. It sure looks joyous. Love from India.

Rita said...

Hi Natasha, I used a very wet round brush filled with color to create each flower. I started the flower using a little pressure for the raggedy edges and then apply more pressure to the brush to use more of the bristles to fill the center, to use all the bristles. Part way through, I dipped the brush into water to remove some of the color and add more moisture to finish the flower which gave the flower some back runs and texture. Thank you for your question! I have been thinking about blogging again and love that you asked me a question. Hello to India from New York! --Rita


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