Monday, December 29, 2008

Cupid's Footprint

Christmas has come and gone and pretty soon we will be celebrating New Year's Eve.  I had a very quiet Christmas home alone, sick with the flu.  I did have the company of two kitties and a slew of old black and white movies.  Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses.  I'm hoping all remnants of the flu will be gone by New Year's Eve, I don't want to miss out on any champagne celebrations.  

As I was trying to decide what to blog about today, I began flipping through images in iPhoto on my computer.  I came across this painting and in the comment section I had typed Cupid's Footprint.  This abstract painting was painted on Valentine's Day 2008.  I used the wet into wet technique to create an interesting background.  Then I applied strips of waxed paper while the paint was still wet.  I allowed everything to dry completely, then peeled away the wax paper to reveal a pretty cool texture.  I drew three circles and a rectangle.  I used the lost and found edges technique, varying lights and darks to create this pretty cool abstract painting now titled Cupid's Footprint.  I think this will be the inspiration for a new series of ACEOs.  I'll keep you posted!


Karen Koch said...

Rita -- this is just wonderful! I love the colors and the textures!

Rita said...

Thank you! --Rita


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