Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ACEO - Art Cards, Editions and Originals

In my previous blog I mentioned ACEOs.  Art Cards, Editions and Originals little miniature pieces of art that are the size of trading cards.  They are 2.5 x 3.5".  They are small.  Artists create them to show off their art, they trade them amongst themselves.  When traded the art cards are called Artist Trading Cards or ATCs.  Many people love them and want to collect them.  When they are created to sell or trade with collectors, they are considered ACEOs.  Some are originals, some are prints and some prints are limited edition prints.  Artists create them in a variety of mediums.  It seems as though there are no limits to the medium, the only limit to an ACEO or ATC is the size, the dimensions must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  

All of the ACEOs I have created are all original watercolor paintings.  I have become addicted to painting these little works of art, they are so much fun to paint.  ACEOs have become this craze.  Artists love to create them, collectors love to collect them.  You can display them in a beautiful binder using the plastic sleeves meant for trading cards.  Some people love to place them in a basket and flip through them now and then.  Others will frame them on their own or in groups to hang on the wall or prop on a desk.  It is great to have just a little piece of art to brighten up a small space. 

I have a bunch of original watercolor ACEO paintings for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They seem to be the hot ticket right now!  Get 'em while they're hot ... check out the ACEO section of my Etsy Shop at


ceevee said...

Hi there! You have a beautiful blog going here and your graphical talents as well as your watercolor talents show up well. I sometimes think about getting a blog of my own, but I have enough trouble being one of the writers on our etsy street team blog. Come and visit us and comment too! We take turns. Maybe someday I will venture off on my own.

ceevee of

Rita said...

Thank you so much! I will take a look at the blog. --Rita

Sara said...

I've so gotta get in on this ACEO trend. I cut out a bunch last night, I'm just very bogged down with making all of my Christmas presents! Everyone is getting a painting or a drawing this year.


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