Monday, September 28, 2009

Simplicity in Abstract Art

Umber Drips
by Artist Rita Squier

Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 11" x 15"

Sometimes it is the sheer simplicity in abstract art that is the most fascinating. As with almost any style of painting you can create your own story behind a piece. The subtle changes in light and value, the mood, the colors, contribute to creating a very subjective meaning, a very personal experience for each individual person. I believe everyone has their own take on what they see and what they feel about a painting. Sure you can contemplate what the artist was thinking, what the artist was trying to paint ... give it a try ...

What do you see in this painting?
What is the feeling in this painting?
What was the artist thinking about when creating this painting?


ohvotrecoeur said...

this painting is gorrrrgeous. I love it.

Rita said...

Thanks! :)


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