Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Protecting Your Art
Okay, so you've painted a bunch of paintings, maybe matted a few but they're not ready for framing. Perhaps you don't plan on framing them, you want to either sell them at art shows or give them away as gifts. Whether or not you mat them, you can slip them into Crystal Clear Bags. I love these bags and use them for my own artwork. They're acid free and lignin free and perfect for keeping fingerprints off of your art. They come in tons of sizes and you can find them easily at http://www.clearbags.com
They have a peel away strip that reveals a sticky adhesive to close and seal the flap on the bag. I prefer the ones they call Protective Closure Bags the sticky part is on the bag and not on the flap so you can easily slide your art in and out even after you've sealed it, because it is re-sealable. The ones with the sticky on the flap are great for odd sized pieces where you can fold the flap down tighter on a piece of art that is smaller than the bag.


Kathleen said...

Great advice, Rita =) I like the clear bags, too - and the adhesive on the bag is a really good idea. So much easier to slip things in and out without the flap sticking to the artwork =p

Rita said...

The adhesive on the bag is great if you like to be able to open the bag or maybe re-use a bag. I framed a small painting and was going to place a photo I printed off my desktop printer into the empty clear bag. This bag had the adhesive on the flap. I accidentally let the flap go while sliding in the photo, it stuck and lifted the ink! I had to reprint the photo.


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