Monday, January 25, 2010

Just One of Those Days

Murphy's Law
It's just one of those days, when all things that will go wrong do go wrong. My husband is in lovely warm Florida, while I'm at home. It has been glorious up until this morning. As I write the address label for a client's order the power goes out. I hadn't printed the invoice yet. Daisy who misses her Michael, decides to empty the pen cup on my desk. She then proceeds to knock the 3 whole punch off the desk and scatters the confetti dots everywhere. Which Daisy thinks is fabulous! The power is out for several hours. So I decide to balance my husband's checkbook, which I soon find out hasn't been balanced in over 2 years.

It is pouring rain, high winds. The foot of snow that has so nicely blanketed the lawn has turned into a few lumps of snow and lots of mud puddles everywhere. The sun comes out. I try to package the orders to ship out and again Daisy wants to help. Now there is cat hair in the packing tape, do I just leave it there or re-package? The rain stops, the winds die down, the power is back on, the sun comes out for 10 minutes. I decide I will take Chloe the dog with me and venture out in our shiny clean and waxed car which has been sitting in the garage for a few months. It has not been driven since it was waxed. Chloe is so happy hops right into the car. I place my packages on the front seat. Turn the key and tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk. My car won't start! But it's still shiny and pretty. Chloe reluctantly gets out of the car. To cheer her up, I toss her frisbee. The frisbee is her most favorite toy in the whole wide world. I forgot the lawn is muddy from the melting snow and rain.

But the car is still shiny and Chloe is soooooo happy. And now it is pouring rain once again.


Kathleen said...

roflol! ah, yes, the lovely quiet day of an artist... Love it!

~Angela~ Eleventeen Apparel said...

Hoping today is better for you!!

Rita said...

Yesterday turned out to be much better and I think they can only improve from here. Thank you. --Rita


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