Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Plastic Wrap Painting
Today's tip is more of a technique. Challenge yourself!

I started with a 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper taped to a board.
Have a roll or large piece of plastic wrap at the ready.

1. Using a large wash brush wet your paper top to bottom with clear water.
2. Add in splotches of your favorite colors, wet into wet, deep rich colors.
3. Place your piece of plastic wrap onto the wet colors.
4. Press the plastic wrap, squish it around, crinkle it in places.
5. Now allow the paint to dry completely with the plastic wrap in place.
6. When the paint is dry, remove the plastic wrap.
7. Create a painting from the images and textures left behind.

I turned mine into a bouquet of flowers.

Try it and share with me know what you come up with, I would love to see it!


Kathleen said...

Oh, wow - what fun! I definitely will try this. hehe - if it turns snowy and slushy on the roads, I may stay home and do it tomorrow! lol! I will let you know when I do it =) Thanks for the idea.

Bethany Dirksen said...

that sounds so fun! i love the element of surprise that is possible.

~Angela~ Eleventeen Apparel said...

That is so cool!


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