Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

White Paint Tip
Quick little tip. I prefer to use white gouache for adding a touch of white to my watercolor paintings.

I squeeze the paint fresh from the tube into a little ceramic dish. I prefer to use it fresh from the tube, but often times I end up squeezing out way more than I need.

I have found a little spritz bottle filled with water works wonders for re-wetting the white paint. I spray the paint with water a few minutes before I am ready to use the white. It softens the paint.

Using the spray bottle, insures that I am only wetting it with clean, clear water. I also make sure I use a clean brush. This way I do not contaminate my white with another color.

This works great whether you have white watercolor paint, which I don't recommend at all or white gouache (basically an opaque & matte watercolor).

For more about white paint in watercolor painting, read one of my old Tuesday's Tips:


Kathleen said...

Great tip! Thanks =) I, too, find that I like gouache fresh from the tube when I want to use it. Mine doesn't seen to rehydrate well.

IrinaSztukowski said...

Thank you Rita for the tip. Although in my old school back in Russia (let's say 20-25 years ago) old school teachers prohibited using white in watercolors. It sits so deep inside me now that I never use white. Thank God to Masking Fluid coming to market; otherwise all my painting would be without highlights ;)
Take care,

Rita said...

Kathleen, have you tried adding a spritz of water and letting it stand a while before you use it? Perhaps the brand plays a part in this little method. I always only put out a little dab, but never use it all up, sometimes I try to be frugal.

Irene, Yes, the watercolor purists will not use white paint and will not use sedimentary or opaque watercolors either. Some rules are made to be broken. :) Just some.

:D said...
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:D said...

Just discovered your blog, through Pinterest. I am learning from your tips. Thanks.


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