Friday, March 25, 2011

Cigar Box Guitars

Country Boy Guitars

Handmade by Michael Squier

These CBGs are amazing musical instruments. Michael hand carves each neck, which is made from a fallen black walnut tree. The fretless necks have burned in markers, which produces a very unique sound. His guitars have open tuning and can be played with a slide or by fretting with your fingers.

Each guitar has its very own unique sound. The different cigar boxes give them a slightly different sound. They can be played as an acoustic or electric guitar. A piezo pick up is mounted inside the bridge, you can hook it up to your own amplifier.

To hear a sound clip of one of Michael's CBGs being played, click here:

Michael creates each of his Country Boy Guitar Cigar Box Guitars using vintage tools. They are definitely an awesome conversation piece, however, they are made to be played!

You can find several of Michael's ready made cigar box guitars in the Cigar Box Guitar section of our Squier Etsy Shop. You can also find a custom order guitar there as well, you can choose the cigar box you would like and choose whether you want it left or right handed.

Folk, rock, delta blues ... you can play anything on these wonderful instruments.

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