Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recently Read

Handling Sin
by Michael Malone

Last Fall, I went to a fund raising book sale for the Spencertown Academy. While I was there searching through all the fabulous books, a man next to me picked up this book and said "I have to recommend this book to someone, it is so funny." He was so enthusiastic about the book. He was hoping someone would take it home.

I read the little blurb about the book and decided to add it to my pile of books to take home. He was right. It is a good book.

My husband and I read aloud to each other. While one is cooking a meal, the other reads aloud. We often read to each other instead of watching tv. It's fun and we can enjoy the same book at the same time.

If you ever get a chance, read this book. I highly recommend it to anyone with aging parents.

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