Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recently Read

The Cat Who Went Bananas
by Lilian Jackson Braun

I got a Nook for my birthday last month. Just a couple weeks ago, I went to the library and learned how to borrow books using my new Nook. It's awesome! This was my first ebook I borrowed and I read it in just a weekend. It was a quick and easy fun read. In 7 days, it simply disappears from my Nook! Poof.

I've always said, I love real books. I would never want an electronic book reader. My very large, seemingly heavy duty bookshelf began to lean to one side. I removed all the books from my bookshelf, piled them all neatly in the hallway. Until my bookshelf could be repaired. The bookshelf disappeared from my office. The books are still in the hall. I have A LOT of books!

Instead of the bookshelf returning to my office, I received a Nook for my birthday. Which is fantastic.

I won't give up going to charity book sales. It's hard to pass up a $1 book and the charity can use the dollars.

But where do I put all my treasured books?

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