Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Paint Your Own Cards

February is a month where I could go broke buying birthday cards. Whether you're an artist or just someone who dabbles in watercolor from time to time, you too can paint your own greeting cards.

You can buy a box of blank greeting cards, I've been using the Strathmore Cards. They come in boxes of 10, 20 and 100 and include an envelope with a pretty deckled edge.

I purchased a box of 100 cards with envelopes from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff online. That way I always have them handy, ready whenever I need one.

Sometimes I paint a bunch of cards ahead of time, leaving the inside blank so it can be used for any occasion as I need it. Or if I realize I need to drop a card in the mail that day, I can quickly paint one up and send it off.


Kathleen said...

Love your hints! Your puppy is sooo cute!

Luciennnn said...

Hi,I'm sorry for bothering you with such a question. But I'm wondering if you can give an advise about picking up colors for the palette. I use to paint with regular color range of WN Cotmans and St.Petersberge, and now desided to buy MaimeriBlu to my old palette.
I'll be really grateful for any help!
Rgrds, Olga

Rita said...

Thank you Kathleen!

Olga, This weeks Tuesday's Tip has my color suggestions, thanks for the idea!
I love MaimeriBlu paint!

Luciennnn said...

Thank you very much for help! Your blog is very inspiring!


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