Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy July

 I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Today was a busy day, but I found a little time to bake a tray of homemade scottish shortbread cookies and topped them with periwinkle sprinkles.  Then I found the perfect bowl in my cupboards to place them into ... the cookies keep disappearing.

I've decided to call them my Periwinkle Shortbreads.

This evening I took a break and went outdoors to pick tomatoes.  I found one ripe yellow tomato the size of a little super ball, remember those?  And one ripe little Cupid Tomato.  They were gone within two minutes of picking, so no pictures.  :)

I also noticed the bumper crop of raspberries growing on a raspberry bush that I tried to dig out of the garden last summer.  Guess I didn't get all the roots. It only took ... oh ... 22 years to be able to pick this pretty bowl full.  Tomorrow even more will be ready for picking.

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