Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Morning Creature

This giant creature was hanging onto the inside of the screen door as I was trying to take the puppy outside this morning.

I held the door open and he crawled up to the outside.  Then he stopped with one leg still in the door.  I propped my flip flop in the screen door so he would not get crushed.  I yanked the puppy back into the house, close the main door and ran upstairs for my camera.  I had to take a picture of this giant bug, I'd never seen a bug so big and seeing it for the very first time at eye level inches from me was rather startling and word producing.  A long slew of words  "Holy moly .... phew thank goodness he didn't jump on me!"  No potty mouth words.

As I took a bunch of pictures, he very slowly crawled up higher.  I was able to get my flip flop back and take the puppy for a walk.

I posted my picture on twitter and almost instantaneously found out I have a praying mantis crawling on the side of my house.  Apparently he is good luck.  I need all the luck I can get right now!  It was suggested I transfer him to my garden.  Yeah right!  He can find his own way there, I ain't touching it.

I did a little research on the internet and got a bit creeped out with the facts and some of the folk lore.  I'll ignore the bad stuff like men going blind.  I will hold onto the positive.  All is good now, I have luck on my side!


bluetina said...

We get those here in Spain. They are fascinating creatures. I think they are one of the few insects that can turn their heads like we do. And, they have two sets of wings - they corkscrew when they fly!

I still don't like to get close to them!

Rita said...

As I was taking a few pictures, he turned his head to stare back at me. His slow movements were fascinating!

GrayFlannel said...

Interesting facts bluetina! He's gorgeous isn't he?

Kathleen said...

They are very beneficial! They will eat lots of harmful insects.


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