Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

A Good Cleaning

Sometimes to be inspired to paint in watercolor the studio just needs a good cleaning.  I sorted through some of the clutter in my studio and put most of it away where it belongs.

Stacked the watercolor palettes.
Put away the paper.
Scrubbed the art table clean.
Cleaned the paint splatter off the lamps, the tv.
The curtains, well the paint splatter adds character.
The hardwood floor is shiny clean.
The drop cloth is in the washer and on its way soon to the dryer.

If we don't turn to the left, the studio is ready and waiting for the watercolor painting to begin!

For me a clean and organized space is very important.


Jennifer Taylor said...

8It looks so bright and airy in there! I am the same as you, in that I need a nice clean space to really feel like painting. Happy painting to you! Jen

Rita said...

It is a bright and inviting space. Thanks Jen. :)


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