Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Late yesterday morning, I posted to my blog, took care of a little business, attended an Etsy lab in the Virtual Labs at noon time. The whole time it was raining. At one o'clock, when the lab was over, we looked out the window and low and behold our street was flooded!

Instead of spending the afternoon painting watercolors as I had hoped to do, we spent our time creating a water barrier out of bags of mulch and logs of damaged tree limbs cut from last December's ice storm. There is something to be said about not getting around to doing the things you planned to do. Our dozen bags of mulch, piled and waiting to be spread over the gardens, were used in place of sand bags to keep water from coming near our house. Our street is relatively flat until you get to our driveway. Our property ever so slightly tilts downward. The outlet to the river in the street was across my side lawn. If we had spread the mulch earlier in the summer, we would no longer have any mulch. It would have all washed away. Plus we would not have been able to stop the water from pouring into our basement.

The river only lasted a few hours, by evening things were back to normal. The street was once again a street.

I am so happy the sun is shining today!

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AutumnAndEve™ Illustration said...

Except when things like that happen, I absolutely love the rain and wish it would everyday. It's so calming. But I agree flooding is no good... Yikes!


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