Saturday, April 10, 2010

Disney Pin Trading

My favorite birthday gift this year was this fabulous shadow box my husband made for me. It showcases some of my Disney trading pins. We spent two weeks in Disney World for our honeymoon, went back in 2000, 2005, 2007. We went to Disneyland once in 2003 which is where we caught the pin trading bug. We've always gone to Disney World in May which is when we got married and it is always during the Flower & Garden Festival. I was hoping to go back again this year for our anniversary, but we have to put that off, perhaps we'll go in the Fall for the Food & Wine Festival this year?

Since catching the pin trading bug. I don't have that many. Plus when we do our pin trading, we do it for the fun of trading. I have no idea of the value of one pin to the next other than I really like it! I think it's a fun extra thing to do while on vacation at Disney World. Like there isn't enough to do there?

My bonus for doing all the tax prep this year is a batch of new Disney pins. I have yet to add a few of the new ones to my display shown here.

I love Disney trading pins!

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Meekiyu said...

that's pretty cool all those different pins =D


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