Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cigar Box Guitar

Country Boy Guitars
My husband has created several fun cigar box guitars. They are made with a real cigar box. He adds a black walnut neck which he shapes and carves himself. The black walnut wood comes from a tree fallen in his parents' backyard.

He uses a wood burning tool I gave him years ago to burn in the markers for a fretless neck. He hand cuts the f holes and hand carves the bridge. Puts it all together and adds three guitar strings and suddenly you have a guitar.

They are made to be played and create wonderful sound.

He has a few for sale in a local music shop. Plus I have finally convinced him, he should add them to our Etsy Shop.

Check out Michael's cigar box guitars right here:


waterwaif said...

Those are wonderful! What a talented husband you have!

Rita said...

Thank you ... I agree on both counts. :)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

They are very cool! I wish him good luck!s


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