Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday at the Fair

Rainy Day at the Fair
We decided to give art and craft fairs another go. Our first one of the year ended up being a rather rainy day. It was only cloudy when we set up our booth and the weather man did say the rain was supposed to hold off until around 3 pm the time the fair closed. I was okay with that. But then it began to rain, just a light mist. Not too bad even though I was worried about my watercolors. Then it began to rain harder and harder.

My EZ Up Canopy and watercolors slipped inside the crystal clear sleeves held up extremely well. The only thing that didn't hold up well was the parchment paper sign mounted on foam core to advertise my husband's hand made cigar box guitars. It did not get wet, it just absorbed the humidity.

Of course I did not remember to take photos once we got the booth all set up. I took the pictures as we were packing up. The last hour or two was cloudy but rain free. We did get to meet a lot of very nice people.

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Pam of Always Artistic said...

Too bad it rained. Glad the artwork and cigar guitars did not get ruined.


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