Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Silly Straw Technique
To create this type of fun abstract watercolor you will need watercolor paper, three colors of watercolor paint, water, a medium round brush and a straw. Yes, a drinking straw.

1. Wet your brush in clean water.
2. Pick up a single wet, juicy color with the brush.
3. Drip a drop of color onto dry watercolor paper.
4. Using the straw, blow air through the straw to move the paint around the paper.
5. You can either allow that color to dry or move onto the next color while it is still wet.

When dropping color onto the paper, if the previous color is still wet, you will be able to mix and mingle the colors. Twist and turn the paper as you go. Try wiggling the straw as you blow through it to create interesting wiggly lines.

Remember to take a break and breathe a little as you go, so you don't turn blue.

Have fun with it!


IrinaSztukowski said...

What a wonderful splash of colors Rita. It is a good way for all of us perfectionist to try something new and loose :)
Thank you for your tip and encouragement!

D.D said...

Wonderful abstract painting. Thank you for sharing the tips & techniques.

Alison said...

Great technique, just don't make yourself dizzy! ;)

Kathleen said...

Very fun! I remember doing this years ago - made Christmas cards one year and they came out really cool =)

Rita said...

Yes, you definitely need to take breaks and a few deep breaths every now and then so you do not make yourself dizzy.

Hmmm ... perhaps a possible idea for Christmas cards this year.


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