Friday, February 20, 2009

Love the Orchid

My Orchid 
by Artist Rita Squier 

This orchid of mine, the real one ... is amazing.  Several years ago at Christmas time I had the option of buying myself a poinsettia or an orchid.  I'm not good at getting poinsettia's to re-bloom the following year.  Both plants were the same price.  I opted for the orchid.  It was just starting to bloom at Christmas time and it continued to bloom through September.  Another shoot came up and it bloomed again at Christmas time and the blossoms bloomed again through September.  It has done this for 4 years in a row!  I love this orchid plant!  

I used my own photo of my orchid in one of my watercolor painting classes.  We didn't worry about the background, we only focused on painting the flower.  Yes, painting flowers is hard, but well worth it! 

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