Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enamel Chart

My Painting With Fire Chart

I have a variety of watercolor painting color charts and encourage my students to create them as homework projects. So I decided to make a similar chart for my beads.

I created myself a nifty little chart of colors to use as a guide when I create torch fired beads. I still need three more washers to finish this chart.

The color combinations are almost endless. I'm starting to wonder what various layers of transparent colors can create.

The colors remind me a lot of watercolors. The quill is neither transparent or opaque. It kinda falls under the semi-transparent, semi-opaque or more so the sedimentary category.


Barbara Lewis said...

These are great! I need to make one for my class because when it comes to transparent colors, the students want to see a color chart!

Maddalena said...


Rita said...

I am a big fan of color charts. I use them a lot in my watercolor painting classes. Since there are a variety of brands of watercolors, I love it when my students make a chart. If they're having troubles with colors or color mixing, I ask to see their chart if they're using a different brand than me. It's an excellent learning tool and it does come in handy.


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