Friday, May 20, 2011

Hope for a New Lawn

We've been tilling up the land ... well, parts of it.

Started with a small patch two weeks ago, in the backyard behind the magnolia tree. Then decided to do half the front yard. It has been tilled a few times, then raked and has had stones removed.

We reshaped a garden. Planted grass seed. Watered it for two days. Then it's been raining everyday since then. Little bits of sunshine here and there.

I was worried the rain would wash all the seeds away. To our surprise we have little bits of 1/4 inch high grass growing!

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Hanceyturf said...

If the New Lawn grasses can cope up with the stress, it will be healthy and dense and will be able to resist disease. Sometime the disease may spread and it becomes out of any control. However, the disease resistant cultivars can be implemented to avoid future problems.


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