Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Tips and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Try a New Color: Neutral Tint
Every now and then I love to try a new color. This one has me curious ... neutral tint. Interesting title and interesting purpose. A color to make other colors darker without going warmer or cooler in hue.

How dark can it go? How light will it be?

To find out, I made a little value chart for this tube of paint.

Next I will mix this color with my existing palette colors to see how it blends with and tints the colors.

This tube of Neutral Tint is made by M. Graham & Co., an excellent quality American made watercolor paint.

Stuck in a rut? Try a new color. Create a value chart to see how deep and dark it will go. Create or add to your color mixing chart to see how this new color mixes with your existing colors.


GrayFlannel said...

I always look forward to your Tuesday Tutorials. They're so helpful and interesting too.

Rita said...

Thank you!! :)


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