Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big City - Big Watercolor Painting

The Big City is a full sheet 22x30 inch abstract watercolor painting.  I love this painting!  I really enjoyed painting it too.  It is filled with life and vibrant color.  It can be a representation of almost any city, whatever city you want it to be, it is.  This painting is filled with a variety of watercolor techniques.  It includes wet into wet washes, dry brush techniques, wet on dry, dry on wet, splattering of color.  This painting is for sale, it is posted on my own website:  Email me if you're interested in giving this fine painting a good home.  If you're a watercolor painter and you haven't done a full sheet watercolor painting yet ... give it a try! 

One thing I should have mentioned in my Tuesday's Tips and Techniques yesterday ... when you're done painting, clean your palette.  It is always good to start with a fresh clean palette.  If it is dirty, you will either get muddy colors or it will take too long to clean up and by the time you're done, you may not want to paint any longer!


Sara said...

That is GORGEOUS Rita!

Lynn Cyr said...

Ooohh... that's really pretty!! :)

Rita said...

Thanks! Positive comments mean so much to me. --Rita


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