Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Flowers, A Watercolor

Snow Flowers is a painting I painted in January 2002.  I was attending a Zoltan Szabo Watercolor Workshop.  I believe the assignment had to do with lost and found edges.  I worked from my own photograph of a pine tree branch covered in snow in my backyard.  I often have trouble naming some of my paintings.  When I handed in my homework assignment, Zoltan Szabo looked at it and said "This looks like Snow Flowers."  For me, that was the perfect name.  Snow Flowers was entered in several art shows, each time it won a ribbon.  First entry it won Honorable Mention, then a few First Place ribbons and also a Best in Show.  Now it hangs with pride in my dining room.  


Sara said...

I noticed that you were between us! I was very glad to see that because I absolutely love your work! Congrats and here's hoping to a sale or two for you, too!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...


CLKcreative said...

Stunning! What an amazing talent you have!

Aunt Karen's Creations said...

Winter is my favorite time of year and your Winter Flower is so perfect! Thanks for sharing.


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