Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cupid's Footprint as Art Cards - ACEOs

Cupid's Footprint I is the beginning of my newest ACEO series.  After having come across the image of the original Cupid's Footprint which was painted last February 14th, I thought it would be great to create a bunch of these in miniature.  You can snatch them up from my Etsy Shop: along with a variety of other ACEO series I have created.  All of my Art Cards are original watercolor paintings.

Just a little reminder: ACEO = Art Cards, Editions & Originals.  They are created by artists to trade amongst each other and to sell to those who would love to purchase art from a variety of artists but do not have a large budget to spend on fine art.  Art Cards are a wonderful way to start up an art collection.  It can become an addicting hobby and luckily most art cards are sold at affordable prices, so if you don't have one to trade, they are easy to buy.  If you are an artist, create some of your own art cards to trade amongst other artists.  

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