Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tips & Techniques for Watercolor Painting

Working with Opaque Watercolors
Watercolor is a challenging medium to work with to be successful you really need to learn your palette and several key factors of how the paints work together.

While learning to use watercolors, do you find yourself creating a lot of muddy color? If so, one of the factors could be the use and mixing of opaque watercolors. I am not against using opaque colors, but it is much easier to create mud if you do use opaque colors. The reason is mixing two or more opaque colors together or mixing one opaque color with too many transparent colors. The colors are brilliant on their own but too many opaques can ruin a painting.


Night Owl Craftworks said...

My water color skills stop at strategically placing messy blobs of color to TRY to make something recognizable. They usually blend together & I go grrr a lot! But you are making me want to try it out again :D

Rita said...

Give it a try! You can do it, you can do anything you set your mind to. I've got lots of great old Tuesday's Tips here on my blog you can look through anytime. Most important thing is to have fun with it!


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